Mala Mistry


Hello! I am a professional teacher, empowerment coach, a kinesiologist, trainer and a holistic therapist.

I speak from extensive personal experience and from seeing many clients over the last 15 years.

As a qualified school teacher for over 22 years I have helped many children in mainstream education and those with literacy difficulties, dyslexia and language acquisition and I received a National Award for the impacts I made. 

Whilst being a part-time school teacher and a full-time mum I have developed and grown my holistic therapies.

Since childhood I have always been interested in alternate ways of healing and was brought up around a family who always encouraged this. My earliest experience was having a head massage from my mum for headaches, instead of a paracetamol and some herbs for indigestion!

As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in alternative ways of healing, be it physical, emotional or mental. I have explored this area for most of my life and decided to practise professionally to be of service to others in difficult periods of their life.

I believe in empowering people so they can find their own path again.

My qualifications include: BEd (Hons), specialising in Psychology (University of Leicester), Assertiveness Coach (Hay House), Applied Kinesiology (HH Association), Reiki Master, Crystal Healer (Universal Reiki Crystal Foundation), DARE-Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (Allonus), Diamond Ingus Healing (Allonus), Opalescence Light Healing (Allonus), Thai Massage (BABTAC Accredited)…….and life itself.

However this isn’t where my learning stops! I am always on a continuous cycle of exploring, learning, expanding and self-development.

I love lots of things in my life and have immense gratidue for a wonderful family and friends, my two adorable children, being able to take walks in nature, reading, food (eating and cooking!), travelling, socailising and just following a path that feels right for me! I also love having lots of quiet time and I am happy in my own company. Some days, a good book, a blanket and a cup of tea is bliss!

I have a strong client base and success for me is defined when I see my clients have their inner smile back!

Love and Light