How best to explain Kinesiology

Kinesiology is based on the belief that the body is surrounded by 'Qi' or 'Chi' energy and that it produces its own energy. Easterm medicine has used 'energy' as the foundation for many centuries.

Kinesiology will identify how much of this energy is moving through your body hence it determines the current state of your health.

Correcting the information or 'energy' acts as a catalyst for the body's biochemistry to start functioning  again.

The body's self repair mechanisms suddenly switch on again!



Did you know that Kinesiology can balance your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental symptoms? 

Imbalances in the meridians carry lots of different meanings.

Did you know for example an imbalanced Liver Meridian can mean - inner anger, overwhelmed by everyday life, a need to detox, headaches, hormonal imbalances, brittle hair and nails to name just a few.

To support recovery, Kinesiology will also advise on foods and supplements should you need. In assisting the Liver Meridian to balance after having a kinesiology session, you could increase green foods, dandelion, parsley and Vitamin E.

Why I fell in love with Kinesiology? The body is a fascinating sysytem that identifies and corrects imbalances . This means you do not have to understand all your symptoms and work out everything that is going on.

Kinesiology over several sessions with unravel the underlying causes!



Emotions and their impact on your life


What are emotions? What is good and bad about them? Emotions are essentially the basis of every action we take in our lives. Do I eat this ice-cream now or later? Will I put on weight if I have it? Do I save it for a treat day? Is the sugar bad for me? And on and on our thoughts go.

However, if we really go within ourselves and tune in, we find that it brings up various feelings & emotions, and actually somebody only asked you if you wanted an ice-cream!

Sometimes these feelings and emotions can have a major impact on how we react in situations, how we relate to others in the work situation or within our family. When somebody says something to us, what is it triggering off in you? What upset you? Why? Is it because something happened to you in the past or is it because that is all you have ever known or is your reaction based on other peoples beliefs such as your parents /teachers etc.

In my therapy sessions we will initially go through an in-depth consultation where we can discuss together your current issues you are dealing with and why it is you want help.

Over the years I have had clients struggling with; grief, anxiety, stress, depression, not feeling a “part of life anymore” and feeling very disconnected with everyone around them. Through my practise and experience over the years with people from all backgrounds and age groups I have realised that coaching, providing techniques & talking through the issues helped people from all circumstances.

However when this therapy is combined with a healing energy balancing technique then both me and my clients felt a greater shift in their outlook. I believe that our thought patterns can be altered by our thinking & what we ‘hold’ in our aura and chakras and meridians. Therapies such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Kinesiology also work on this fundamental aspect of energy balancing.

I find that the majority of us are ungrounded and are either living in the past or future & our hours & minutes of the day are spent in this state. But what about now? Right this minute? Once you are grounded you will be able to make better decisions and choices with a clearer view.

 My therapy is about balancing your Physical, Mental & Spiritual wellbeing.

Therefore I am bringing you a new way of thinking! Initially my clients have regular sessions & now are in a position to book a session when they feel things are falling back or something new has entered into their life, but I am pleased to say that they come back only a few times a year or some even after years!

Success for me is when my clients have their inner smile back again and are back on their track to discover their own potential. I am merely assisting you to view and feel the world in a different way.

So, going back to the ice-cream question, your reply could be

“Yes, I will have that today because I can feel it’s the right thing to do today & right now…. not tomorrow or tonight!”

Or “Right now if I check into my body actually, I don’t want it at the moment.”

It’s being assertive enough to others and ourselves to stick to the decisions we want to make! Claim your power back and empower yourself.

My therapy is individual and unique to you!

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Love and Light Mala