Empowerment Coaching and Sub-Conscious Block Release Therapy


I am a professional Empowerment Coach and a Sub-Conscious Stress Release Therapist who can compassionately guide you in setting a path to creating the life you most want.

By viewing life from a distinct perspective, I help you realise the realm of possibility available to you.

Simply changing your thoughts and ideals allows the qualities of joy, happiness and fulfilment to embrace you, giving you strength and power to succeed.

Transforming pre- concepts you already have of yourself and observing a different set of ideals, enables you to break free from your current situation to live a lifestyle without limitations and beliefs that bound you down.

Stress Release techniques are used in this programme to help you re-balance and resolve & release stress in a safe way, leaving you feeling energised, motivated and passionate again. Learn to prioritise and take proactive steps to release fear based thoughts and reach your aspirations.

Six to eight personalised sessions are designed for you to find your purpose and passion again. Typically, your first appointment will consist of a detailed consultation that includes your history, current lifestyle and events that brought you here.

Are limiting beliefs keeping you stuck? Can you relate to anxiety, stress, grief, insomnia, confidence, low self-esteem, brain fog, excessive worrying, guilt, burnout, unable to speak in a calm an honest way, rushing around, giving more than receiving? Then, these are just a few destructive states of being that we all have fallen into the trap of and sometimes we just need supportive assistance and nurture to stop this cycle of living and reoccurrence.

My holistic approach involves releasing sub-conscious thoughts and fears in a natural safe way, making this programme unique. What you attract in your life is a total of your conscious and your sub-conscious mind. Release will allow you to realise your own magnificence and feel relaxed, positive and able to naturally cope with life.

I assist you to react differently to people and situations and experience an amazing and enhanced connection with yourself and others.

Make successful life choices, allow for transformation and empowerment and stand in your own power again.

Let me help you back to find your inner smile again!

Live Your Life Love Your Life