Applied Kinesiology is an alternative therapy that identifies nutritional, structural and emotional imbalances. It's inventor was Dr George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, in 1965. Goodheart discovered that when a muscle was tested, the result could reveal vital information.

Applied Kinesiology combines manual muscle testing with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kinesiology provides great insights about your lifestyle and how it impacts on your body.

In a typical first session I will  take your medical and lifestyle history. During the session you remain fully clothed and I will place your arms, legs or head into specific positions and then apply gentle pressure.

Muscle testing gives the Kinesiologist information and feedback from your body about its condition and then an assessesment is made as to which order the imbalances should be treated. Using various techniques and working with the meridian system the bodies balance is restored.

The treatment includes making corrections to the neurovascular points and the neurolymphatic reflex points. It may include nutritional supplements,emotional stress release techniques, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, suggested lifestyle changes and more.

Kinesiology is renowned for being able to uncover and help the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.

Everyone can benefit including the elderly, children and animals.

When someone cannot be muscle tested a "surrogate" may be used.

Kinesiology restores the whole system to balance thus facilitating the self-healing process. It can:

Increase energy and vitality
Prevent illness
Improve posture
Relieve physical pain and tension
Release and manage emotions and stress
Enhance brain function and co-ordination
Discover individual nutritional needs and sensitivities

Kinesiology can help with various health problems. The following are just a few things:

Anxiety, fears and phobias

Allergies and food sensitivities

Arthritis and joint pain


Back pains, lower back pain

Bloating and gas

Candida and thrush

Chronic fatigue

Co-ordination and balance problems


Digestive problems

Eczema, rashes and skin conditions

Elbow pain

Fight & Flight

Frequent infections and immune problems

Frozen shoulder and neck pain

Heavy or restless legs

Headaches and migraines

Insomnia, poor sleeping patterns

IBS - constipation and diarrhoea

Low energy levels

Menstrual and hormonal problem

Sinus problems