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Mala Mistry-Nirvana Holistic

Empowerment Coach, Complementary & Alternative Therapist


A warm welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My purpose is to guide you, so you can find Self Love & Self Worth again. Love comes in many forms - you can love your family, your job, your children. However you can't truely love anyone or anything until you love yourself. I will help you step by step until you learn to love every part of yourself, the good parts and the flaws until you reach the stage of being comforatble and confident with who you are - a true unique,indivudual,beautiful person.

I bring to you a fast and unique way to:

Release emotions of fear and lack

Feel calm and centred when faced with stress and anxiety 

Be honest with yourself and others - speak and live your truth 

Learn how to care for yourself and receive as well as give - because you matter 

Be confident in a calm, peaceful way - be present and not lost in the crowd 

Deal with loss and grief over family,friends,career and money 

Remove energy blocks that stop your current flow in life - release physical, emotional and mental "pain" and balance your chakras, auras and meridians

Learn how to view life differently by taking small steps 

Sleep better, feel refreshed and bring back your inner smile 

Open your heart centre so that you live from the heart, not the mind - claim your inner power back 

 Please refer to the treatment page for more details.

My therapies bring peace, relaxation and health to the mind, body and soul.

By balancing our mind and body energies together with a positive outlook we can make vast changes in our lives.

A big thank you to all the people who have allowed me to help them.



One Light One Soul

Love is an Energy that connects us all- Mala Mistry

 When you change the way you look at things,the things you look at change -Dr Wayne Dyer



 Mala Mistry 

BEd Hons, Assertiveness Coach, BAPTAC




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